Professor Andrews steps away as Director of the Dementia Services Development Centre

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Professor June Andrews is stepping away from being Director of the Dementia Services Development Centre on April 1st, 2016.  Now appointed Professor Emeritus she will be working strategically in support of the Dementia Services Development Trust, the charity that created the Centre a quarter of a century ago.  She will in addition be undertaking consultancy and continuing her work on the public understanding of dementia, old age and frailty.

Professor June Andrews sitting at desk June joined the DSDC in 2005, initially on loan from the Senior Civil Service, where she had set up and run the Centre for Change and Innovation, a change consultancy in the health department. 

For over a decade she has built the DSDC to its current position where it is recognised around the world for “punching above its weight” in dementia services improvement.

The significant achievements of the Centre during that time included the creation of a virtual dementia care home and hospital.  Tens of thousands of health and social care staff have undertaken training with the DSDC, often free or at very low cost as a result of charitable donations secured through the Dementia Services Development Trust. 

A significant publishing arm has been set up, offering evidence based books about dementia care in plain language, such as “Ten Helpful Hints for Carers” which alone has sold around 65,000 copies. 

The consultancy provided by DSDC has changed hospital practice, influenced policy, improved the effectiveness of the care home industry, and raised not just awareness of dementia but the knowledge needed to manage the problems that people with dementia and their carers find most challenging. 

Most recently June has been working on a series of Masterclasses as part of the Dementia Festival of Ideas, work that will continue in her new role.

June says, “I have been so lucky in my career with the opportunities that have arisen, and the fantastic teams of which I have been a member.  Moving to this more strategic role means I don’t have to worry about day to day management any more, but can work in support of the Trust which has made everything that I’ve done with the DSDC possible for the last decade.”

Professor Andrews has received widespread personal recognition for her achievements, including being recognised by the HSJ, the leading health journal, as one of the most inspirational and influential women in health care. 

Her work takes her across the world, and her informal but informed communication skills make her a popular speaker and broadcaster. 

This summer she is publishing two new books on dementia.  The first will come out during a study tour to Canada and the United States. 

The second is a follow up to her best selling book “Dementia; the One Stop Guide”, which sold over 22,000 copies in its first year of publication.