Belfast Imagine Festival...The "New" Old Age

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The Dementia Services Development Trust is funding a series of events in Northern Ireland to explore thinking about old age. This includes a response to the recent increase in public anxiety about dementia – but recognises that dementia is only one of the trials that come with age, and not the commonest.

Professor June Andrews is popular for her work to increase the public understanding of old age and frailty, and providing practical information on how to stay well for as long as possible.  Along with Mark Butler, an independent writer, she is looking at old age from all sides – and it is part of the Belfast Imagine Festival of Politics and Ideas.

Part science, part entertainment, part TED talk, part stand-up, this event offers a chance to shape new thinking around what the future of old age will look like in Northern Ireland. What are the big personal, economic and political issues which matter to you and those around you? What do we all need to be doing today to get the future we want?

If you can join us to take part at the Imagine Festival in Belfast you’d be most welcome.  Come at six for some refreshments and stay for the talk, which will be entertaining, refreshing, and we hope, deadly serious.  Anyone can join us, but you have to register here through the website.  Tell your neighbours and friends who don’t have access to the web, and we’ll help them get a place. 

What?  Imagine Festival Belfast, Imagine a New Old Age

When?  Saturday March 25th 2017 18.00-20.00

Where? The Factory @ the MAC, 10 Exchange Street, Belfast, BT1  2LS

Cost?  Free!  But you have to book....