Dementia Ways With Words in Devon

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On Saturday July 15th I was speaking at the Ways With Words festival of words and ideas at Dartington Hall in Devon. 

In dementia, people often say they feel that words and ideas are becoming lost to them.  They even say at times that they are “losing themselves”.  It’s very hard for family and friends to watch this happening.

The pain of this time is often punctuated with flashes of hope when newspapers and other media report a “breakthrough” in care that often turns out to be a false dawn, over inflated by the editor with the aim of selling papers, not informing the public.

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In my book Dementia the One Stop Guide I provide advice and information that is sometimes difficult to get hold of.  Through organisations like the Alzheimer’s Society and their website and local networks, information is getting easier to find, but in many places, the family feels on their own.

When I've spoken at the Hay or Edinburgh book festival, people have come expecting to hear something solemn and heart wrenching, but we do have some fun in the presentation.  Not least it is a great chance for me to meet people and listen to them about what life is really like for anyone affected by dementia.

So thanks to all of you who came along!