June Andrews is a nationally recognised specialist in improving the public understanding of dementia and care of frail older people and has long experience in supporting people and organisations in health and social care. 

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June's consultancy work includes supporting redesign of services, working with governments to devise and deliver effective new policies, and helping providers and commissioners to improve front line services.  Not least she provides help to individuals and families.

Contact Professor Andrews at for projects on improving care at any level in the UK or beyond.

Organisational support for companies and public sector

Contact June if you wish to

  • Improve clinical performance in care of frail people in hospital settings
  • Meet higher standards in care homes
  • Provide better support for families at home through housing and domiciliary services

Professional support for staff and organisations

  • Coaching and mentoring of clinical and management staff in frail elderly and dementia care settings.
  • Interim management of charities and small organisations providing home care services to vulnerable older people

Personal help for families exactly when it is needed

Families ask for help at a time when things get tough or are going wrong

  • Private consultancy for families negotiating the health and social care maze
  • Personal advice for family offices of clients with particular needs in dementia care