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  • Frontotemporal dementia

    I visited daily and befriended many other residents and families, learning their stories.

  • Fatal Distraction?

    I don’t succumb to hit and run side swipes. What I want to dismiss is the idea that singing is on a par with the things recommended by the WHO. It’s a nice (perhaps even vital) distraction for people with dementia and their carers. It is a fatal distraction for the people who should and could be doing more.

  • Toxic Positivity - what are you not allowed to say about dementia?

    It is OK to be not OK. You can trust some of the people who don’t have dementia, but expertise to help. And people with dementia in the public sphere can be contradicted. If no-one challenges you, you are being patronised and ignored. And subjected to Toxic Positivity.

  • Care Work at Christmas

    At Christmas time we should think of those wonderful people who work in care homes, every day of the year, making life good for frail older people.

  • Murals - nice or nasty?

    When you live with dementia, people sometimes impose art on you, and you are forced to experience art that is not to your taste. One contentious area is the use of murals as “art” in care homes. I use scare quotes because I’m not sure if it is interior decoration masquerading as therapy.

  • Are you too young to start to dodge dementia?

    A message from a young person to other young and not so young people about the value of walking to improve brain health.

  • A young person looks at Dementia - and alcohol

    Our new blogger Katie reflects on how hard it is to establish a direct link between alcohol and dementia, but it is made even harder when the research cohorts include people who may have stopped or started drinking for reasons of ill health.

  • Cicero and Seneca look at Old Age

    What did the Romans do for Ageing?

  • Future planning

    Looking forward? See clearly and plan for older age. People have to do this all over the world.

  • The Care Home Dilemma

    It is never too soon to start talking to your family about what you would do if you needed a care home

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