Knowing where to turn for Dementia advice?

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The interest in dementia in the media has never been so great. Films have been made about famous people who had dementia. “Iris” starring Dame Judi Dench tells the true story of the English novelist Iris Murdoch from her brilliant youth to her last days in a care home.

“The Iron Lady” is a moving film, which explores Margaret Thatcher’s life through fragments of history that represent her disintegrating thinking and recollection clouded by dementia (and some rather impressive hallucinations). Movies also explore ethical issues of caring. “Away From Her” and “The Savages” describe the caring dilemmas of a husband in one case and children in the other.

Although there is still stigma, this public airing means that people are more open about dementia and allow themselves to think about it more than they did in the past. This is all good. However, it is still a problem to know where to go for good advice about dementia.

Only last week I was meeting with a family where the husband had been diagnosed, but no further information or support was provided to him other than the offer of a further meeting at the end of a year. Surely we can expect better in this day and age? It was frustration about this that set me to writing my book.

People kept telling me that they did not know where to turn for information.

Well here is some information from Profile books… the website for more information on how to get a copy.