We Need to Talk About Dementia

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On Tuesday, March 5,  the Dementia Services Development Trust will premiere a drama/documentary “We need to talk about Dementia” at the Everyman Cinema in Glasgow.  The film stars River City actors Barbara Rafferty and Stephen Purdon.  Barbara plays the part of a woman who has downsized her property to pay for her husband’s care home due to the progression of his dementia, the demise of his health and the escalation of his anxiety, frustration and aggression.  Stephen, plays a painter and decorator who chats to Barbara and finds out how her husband’s dementia has impacted all aspects of both her and her husband’s life.

The film is interspersed by a series of ‘Talking Head’ interviews with key specialists advising on all of the different arrangements and options that may need to be considered by carers, family members and people living with dementia  to arrange for the best possible care and support.  The film will be available on the Dementia Services Development Trust new micro-site that is packed with information, practical advice and support that explains: what dementia is, getting a diagnosis, living at home, care homes plus finance and Power of Attorney. 

The film’s producer and director, Stuart Davids, left River City to look after his own mother who was diagnosed 5 years ago with dementia with Lewy bodies.  Having no prior knowledge of what dementia was, what care was needed or available, no experience of care homes, psychiatric wards or anti-psychotic medication or how to finance his mum’s care, Stuart felt challenged and isolated but determined to do the best for his mum.  Stuart decided to use his skills and abilities to raise awareness, to inform and educate and set out realistic expectations for other carers, family members and people living with dementia, for what may lie ahead after a dementia diagnosis.

You will be able to download this film from the Dementia Services Development Trust website from March 5th.