Fun(ded) projects for dementia from DSDT

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Sitting in the library looking through the research, and reading the headlines in the newspapers, I get confounded by it all at times.  It is a bit of a downer when you realise that the cheerful headline might just be over-claiming for a new drug, or that the snazzy report is describing a vanity project from a media company who just wanted a bigger audience and thought dementia related infotainment would fit the bill. I get a reputation for being grumpy about it all.

So my heart sings to report the outcomes of the Dementia Services Development Trust disruption awards.  The formal launch is on February 7th, and the project participants will be there to describe how they went about their work.  

If you are in the Edinburgh area there are still places available for members of the public or people who might want to apply for a disruption award for 2020.  Which of course includes members of the public.  You don't have to be an institution to have a go. You just have to have an idea for change, and the energy to join with us to make it real.

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