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  • Frontotemporal dementia

    I visited daily and befriended many other residents and families, learning their stories.

  • What?!!!! Dementia and hearing loss.

    The WHO guidance issued this year advises that hearing loss is a prevalent age-related disorder. It has debilitating consequences on social and emotional well-being and ability to communicate which can lead to isolation and loneliness. It can almost double the risk of dementia.

  • Powers of Attorney - it is not too soon

    It is never too soon to get a power of attorney set up, but it is sometimes too late. Avoid trouble and expense by getting one now.

  • Light and Dementia? What works?

    Do we really know if changing the colour and intensity of light makes a real difference in care homes for dementia?

  • Respectful writing and careful logic

    It might seem hard to tell the difference between causation and association; but getting it wrong can cause harm.

  • Dementia and the Local Church - the resource now launched and available

    How can people in a local church support families and individuals affected by dementia. This guide was launched in Belfast on May 9th.

  • Choosing a care home this winter?

    Choosing a care home is hard, and even if you think it might never be needed, it is never too soon to talk about it.

  • Suicide and Dementia

    No one is happy to have dementia. But we are more afraid of expensive and undignified care than the condition itself

  • Ideas for Keeping Calm

    Christmas can be overstimulating for some people.

  • Making Memories

    Making new memories with someone who is affected by dementia

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