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  • Frontotemporal dementia

    I visited daily and befriended many other residents and families, learning their stories.

  • Fatal Distraction?

    I don’t succumb to hit and run side swipes. What I want to dismiss is the idea that singing is on a par with the things recommended by the WHO. It’s a nice (perhaps even vital) distraction for people with dementia and their carers. It is a fatal distraction for the people who should and could be doing more.

  • Why you MUST visit frail older people in hospital

    There’s a world shortage of nurses, and relatives can’t make up for that. But it is in your own interest to spend as much time as possible with frail older relatives in hospital.

  • When tickling isn’t funny

    The multitude of ear-tickling stories from the BBC - and why they are morally questionable.

  • What?!!!! Dementia and hearing loss.

    The WHO guidance issued this year advises that hearing loss is a prevalent age-related disorder. It has debilitating consequences on social and emotional well-being and ability to communicate which can lead to isolation and loneliness. It can almost double the risk of dementia.

  • Toxic Positivity - what are you not allowed to say about dementia?

    It is OK to be not OK. You can trust some of the people who don’t have dementia, but expertise to help. And people with dementia in the public sphere can be contradicted. If no-one challenges you, you are being patronised and ignored. And subjected to Toxic Positivity.

  • We Need to Talk About Dementia

    The Dementia Services Development Trust is launching a new film and microsite on March 5th

  • Powers of Attorney - it is not too soon

    It is never too soon to get a power of attorney set up, but it is sometimes too late. Avoid trouble and expense by getting one now.